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This page displays a listing of all tag types and allows you to edit or delete custom tag types, and create new ones.

Example of the Tag Types table

Adding a new tag type

To create a new tag type, navigate to Administration > Tag Management > Tag types and then perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add Tag Type and provide the following details:
    1. Name: Name of the new tag type.
    2. Description: Brief description of the tag type.
    3. Allow multiple values: Select yes or no depending on whether you want to allow multiple values for this tag type. For example, "Virtualization Compatibility" can accept multiple values, whereas "OS Family" can only have one value.
    4. Color: Select a color to use for tags of this type.
    5. (Optional) Relevance: A number that affects the positioning of the tag type in the description box; the higher the number, the higher the position.
  2. Click Save.
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