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After you integrate Chargeback with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you need to install the Chargeback view before being able to use it. This section explains how to install and deploy the Chargeback view.

To install the Chargeback view

To install and deploy the Chargeback view in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, perform the following task:

  1. In the console, navigate to the Additional Components tab under Administration > SYSTEM > Maintenance, locate the Chargeback view component and click  in the corresponding row to install the component.
  2. Complete the following steps in the Install: Chargeback view page:
    1. Step 1 of 2: Overview: Under Deploy Chargeback dashboard, click Next.
    2. Step 2 of 2: Hosts selection: Select the hosts on which you want to deploy the Chargeback view.
  3. To finish the install process, click Proceed.

    The Additional Components tab under Maintenance displays an Operation in progress banner for as long as the install process is under execution.

    When processing is complete, the value under Status for the Chargeback view component in the table changes from RUNNING to INSTALLED, and the row highlight turns to green from blue.

    The Chargeback view is now installed and ready for use in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


The Cloud Infrastructure Extractor ETL starts running every 5 minutes. But the Cloud Services Extractor runs only once a day by default, at 2 am. So, Chargeback data becomes available only the next day by default.

If you want to see the Chargeback data immediately, go to Admin > Scheduler > ETL tasks, locate BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.x - Cloud Services Extractor or BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0/4.1/4.5 - Cloud Services Extractor ETL, and run the active run configuration of this extractor.

Note: 3.x in the ETL name can be 3.0 or 3.1.

To verify a successful install of the Chargeback view

To verify whether or not the Chargeback view was successfully installed and deployed in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, perform the following task:

  1. In the console, navigate to Views > All Views > Chargeback.
  2. Under Chargeback, you should see the following view communities:
    • Chargeback – Admin
    • Chargeback – Report

      If you can see these communities, installation of the Chargeback view was successful.

      If you cannot see these communities, and before contacting your Administrator, ensure that you successfully completed all the steps in Chargeback and Installing the Chargeback view.

To view and manage Chargeback system tasks

When you install and deploy the Chargeback view, the process produces scheduled Chargeback system tasks to BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Chargeback reporting and calculation. These tasks are:

  • Chargeback Daily Reports
  • Chargeback Weekly Reports
  • Chargeback Monthly Reports
  • Chargeback Quarterly Reports
  • Chargeback Store Task

To view and manage these tasks in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization:

  1. In the console, navigate to AdministrationETL & System Tasks > System Tasks.
  2. In the System tasks table, scroll down to locate or filter by name to display all Chargeback tasks.
  3. Click the hyper-linked name of the task or click  (View details) in the corresponding row to open the details page for the task.
    From this page, you can manage the task.