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The solution includes advanced statistical analysis capabilities that examine business drivers for long-term patterns, typical use, and response-time peaks and valleys. After understanding normal performance characteristics, it automatically delivers exception reports. All reports and graphs can be reviewed and refined through an intuitive interface, which provides an interactive, self-service capability for administrators and business users who want insight into the performance of their application servers.

  • Allow business and technical users access to user-friendly web console and easily customizable web dashboard to view graphs and reports according to their specific roles
  • Monitor forecasted issues and deviations from baselines and automatically notify users, for example, via mail to defined recipients with attached by-exception reports
  • Account for resource consumption and “show” or “charge” costs back to users or other accounting entities using different cost modeling options, including fixed, allocated, or utilization models
  • Leverage the embedded reporting engine (based on Eclipse BIRT) to design, generate, and publish scheduled, on-demand, and by-exception reports in PDF, HTML, RTF, PPT, and other formats.

Deliver Automated, Exception-Based Analysis, Reports, and Plans

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