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The Data Warehouse tab allows you to configure attributes for the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Warehousing engine. This launches multiple threads for the warehousing activities. You can access this tab by navigating to Administration > System > Global configuration > Data Warehouse.

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization data warehousing activities are executed within Datahub component through (Near-Real-Time) Warehousing Engine (NRT WH). The NRT WH stores, organizes, and calculates statistics for collected data.



Number of spare threads

This is the maximum number of concurrent threads activated by the warehousing process and dispatched among queued requests.

Sleep period

This is the period (in milliseconds) between subsequent polling, when the executor of the activity is in sleep mode.

Freshness timeout

It indicates the minimum interval between processing of the same series in the same step. You can use to avoid multiple reduction of the same series within the day.


It indicates the maximum number of active threads for the step.


It indicates the number of reserved/dedicated threads to the step. Reserved threads are permanently available without requiring spare threads.


It indicates the weight assigned to a step. In case of contention on spare threads, you can use weight to prioritize the assignment.


Note: Each attribute can be specified using an inheritance/override mechanism.

Default values for the available options for the thread launchers are as follows:

Number of Spare Threads: 20

Thread launcherSleep periodFreshness TimeoutLimitReserved
Store (store) 5 min0100
Warehouse (wh) 10 min15 min60
Reduce (red) 10 min8 hours100
Configuration Metrics (conf) 1 min1 hour80
Custom Statistic (cs)10 min8 hours30
External Custom Statistic (ecs) 10 min5 min60
Raw (raw) 1 min30 sec60