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BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, analysis and forecasting capabilities that enable you to identify resource/service trends and requirements to deliver consistent performance that meets or exceeds expectations.

  • Analyze application performance running in a physical, virtual, or cloud environment with a wide range of views
  • Analyze resource utilization with respect to business cycles to identify busiest periods, periodical behaviors, and baselines
  • Identify how operational and process events, such as incidents, maintenance, or change events, consume resources that impact performance
  • Analyze aggregated resources at different levels, such as physical clusters or any other logical groupings, and generate “typical” utilization profiles
  • Predict saturation dates and residual capacity with comprehensive forecasting techniques, such as linear, last-ramp detection, time-shifts, exponential, logarithmic, Holt-Winters, and Box and Jenkins
  • Automatically identify and notify users of resource saturations or deviations from baselines ahead of time — before services are impacted
  • Track the servers and applications in an n-tier application that make up overall response time
  • Analyze application utilization and non-linear response time in terms of CPU service, CPU queuing, and I/O service and wait time
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