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After you install BMC Service Resolution 3.0, perform the following procedures to configure BMC Service Resolution and its related components.

Achieve higher availabilityConfiguring high availability in BMC Service Resolution
Configure a global assignment ruleCreating a global assignment record.
Configure assignment based on Managed By or Supported ByIncident routing based on Supported By Group or Managed By Group
Configure for SSL communicationConfiguring SSL for communication
Configure Impact and Urgency mappings for Event incidents and Causal incidentsConfiguring Impact and Urgency values
Configure incident governanceConfiguring incident governance
Configure polling intervalConfiguring polling interval
Configure service requestsConfiguring service requests
Consolidate related events into a single incidentConsolidating events
Create and manage service policiesManaging service policies

Create incidents using a template reference

Creating incidents by passing a template reference

Display Assignee Group details in an incident

Displaying Assignee Group in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management console
Enable routingEnabling CI-based routing
Extend system capabilitiesExtending your system capabilities
Import SSL certificates in BMC TrueSightImporting SSL certificates
Map information from BMC TrueSight event slotsMapping information from BMC TrueSight event slots to the HPD:ServiceInterface form fields
Populate operational categories on an eventPopulating operational categories on an event
Support multiple server deployment of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure ManagementConfiguring BMC Service Resolution in multi server deployment of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management
Support multitenancyCustomizing BMC Service Resolution to achieve multitenancy