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This section contains stack information for all releases of BSM Interoperability.

From this page, you can search for a specific item across all releases or navigate to a specific BSM Interoperability release.

This section contains information about the following releases:

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To find a specific suite, product, or version, you can search within only the BMC Interoperability release matrices:


  1. Hi there,

    This apendix it is really interesting and seems to be worth it, but is completly out of date. Where could I find updated information about the BSM Interoperability for the newest versions of Bladelogic Automation Suite?

    We are designing a new BSM environment and we think this is really worth it to keep this in mind before deploying or adopting any final solution.



    1. Hello Pedro,

      We are no longer maintain this documentation space. IF you are looking for Bladelogic Automation information you should check for the same with the support team. Alternatively, you can also check for the information on the BladeLogic documentation spaces. This is the latest G.A. documentation for the same - Home