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The following table provides information and guidelines related to upgrading BMC Release Process Management.

GoalFor more informationBenefit
  • Introduce the stages of upgrading BMC Release Process Management and describe the activities and tasks that occur during each stage.
  • Identify supported upgrade paths.
Upgrade process overview
  • Gain knowledge of the upgrade process so that you can anticipate what is expected of you and identify the overall activities that you will be required to perform during the upgrade operation.
  • Use the supported upgrade paths to determine the path you will use in your upgrade operation.
  • Enable you to locate and download the upgrade files.
  • Explain the steps to take to set up your upgrade installation environment.
  • Describe how to turn off specific Terminal Server configuration options so that you can upgrade the product on a Windows computer through a remote connection.
Preparing for upgrade
  • Know the upgrade files to be downloaded, where they are located on the BMC Software Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website, and how to download the files to the appropriate directory or folder.
  • Ensure that required ports are available and determine the database you plan to use, whether it is the PostgreSQL feature included in the product installer, or whether you plan to create a PostgreSQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL database before installing the product.
  • Prepare your Windows environment to execute the installation wizard through a Terminal Services connection or a remote desktop session, if desired.
  • Describe the tasks you need to perform before and after you upgrade the product.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for upgrading the product to a new installation folder and to the same installation folder as your current version.
Performing the upgrade 
  • Ensure that your environment meets system requirements and that directories and ports are properly configured and available. 
  • Upgrade and set up BMC Release Process Management and other bundled components, such as JRE and PostgreSQL database.
  • Describe the tasks you need to perform to apply the updates after you upgrade the product.
Additional actions after the upgrade
  • Be aware of additional tasks that might be required post-upgrade and be able to access the information that describes how to perform these tasks.