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The following table provides information and guidelines related to planning the installation and deployment of BMC Release Process Management in your environment: 

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Understand the overall deployment architecture of BMC Release Process Management and how to deploy the product in a high-availability or non-high-availability environment.Deployment architecture
  • Determine the deployment architecture for your organization and to decide if your deployment will include a high-availability or non-high-availability environment.
  • Learn how to prepare for a high-availability or non-high-availability deployment and the things to consider when setting up the product in your chosen deployment mode.
  • Implement a high-availability setup by configuring various devices such as a node and a load balancer.

Prepare needed resources to support BMC Release Process Management and ensure that resource requirements are met.

System requirements
  • Install the product more easily and more efficiently.
  • Improve the operation of the product.
Provide recommendations to help tune the deployment of BMC Release Process Management for optimal performance.Performance tuning

Implement recommended configurations, parameter combinations, and deployments to ensure optimal performance of the product.

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