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The following table provides information related to high-level concepts of BMC Release Process Management: 

GoalFor more informationBenefit
  • Understand the functions of the software release process that BMC Release Process Management supports and how this functionality benefits an organization.
  • Understand key concepts of BMC Release Process Management.
Key concepts
  • Learn what differentiates the product and what features are key components of the product.
  • Recognize the benefits of release management software.
Go through the process of automating the release of your custom application.Walkthrough: Configuring and deploying an applicationUnderstand the process of configuring and deploying your custom application by automating the release lifecycle.

Understand how BMC Release Process Management is used in the end-to-end process of releasing software.

End-to-end process

Determine at a high level how your existing release process can be modeled in BMC Release Process Management.