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Service Pack 5 is now available for BMC Release Process Management (BRPM) version 5.0. This service pack includes enhancements. 


This service pack includes the following enhancements:

System requirements updates

This service pack supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 operating system, Java AdoptOpenJDK 1.8 update 282 and Wildfly Application Server 23.0.1

For a complete list of supported databases, see System requirements.

User password audit update

The (encrypted) password created or updated by the user is now audited. For more information, see Auditing resources.

Automation step updates

Starting from this release, the automation steps timeline is updated in sequence with the step execution. For more information, see Viewing automation results.

Continued execution of a request when a step within the request fails

Starting from this release, you can execute a request even when a step within the request has failed. You can activate the Continue Execution On Failure flag at request level and Continue On Failure flag at step level to continue the execution of the request and step respectively. For more information, see Managing requests and Managing steps.

You can also use the status of a step as a procedural condition. For more information, see Managing procedures.

The following video (8:53) demonstrates how to enable the continued execution of a request when a step within the request fails:

Process and calendar reports updates

Starting from this release, you must set filters to view the following reports:

High CPU utilization troubleshooting update

You can now create the garbage collector log and enable thread dump to troubleshoot the reason for high CPU utilization. For more information, see High CPU utilization.

Automatic step completion restriction update

You can now complete an automatic step only of you have the permission to do so. For more information, see Managing steps.

User profile update

Starting from this release, you can can access your user profile setting by clicking on your userName on the top, right hand corner of the screen. You can also view information about the BRPM version and build number here. For more information, see Managing your profile.

Non root users who do not have the permissions can now edit their profile details via API. For more information, see REST users.

Access permission updates

You can now update the permissions available to your role. For information about activating the permission to restrict a user from completing a step, and to modify the request level and step level flags, see Managing access permissions.

Server log update

Starting from this release, the API token will be displayed in a filtered format in the server logs. From more information, see Managing logs.

UI enhancement update

Starting from this release, the search option has been enabled in the drop down lists across the user interface. The drop down lists now appear as follows:

You can type your entry into the search box.

The search option is also enabled while setting up a conditional procedure. For more information, see Managing procedures.

Downloading the service pack

This patch includes the full installer of BRPM. For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

Changes to support WildFly Application Server 

Support for WildFly Application Server was introduced in BRPM version If you are upgrading from version or earlier, note these changes:

Feature or changeVersion or earlierVersion 5.0.04, and
Change in the BRPM Home Directory<RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM<RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM\portal.war\WEB-INF-
Automation job concurrency and other product settings moved

Present in the torquebox.yml file

Present in the wildfly.xml filePerformance tuning
Change in the standalone file names


standalone-ha.xml (for clusters)


standalone-full-ha.xml (for clusters)

Change in the location of deployment informationRLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/deployments/RPM-knob.yml contains the deployment information.

This information is now contained in the CURRENT_RPM_PATH environment variable in the <RLMHome>/bin/ file.

Applying hotfix
STOMP Host URLNeeded by Requester UINo longer required-
Running the rake tasksRun from the following directory: <RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPMRun from the following directory: <RLMInstallationDirectory>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM\portal.war\WEB-INF-

Configuration settings for JBoss and HornetQ

RLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml RLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/configuration/standalone-ha.xml (for clusters)No longer required. Settings added to the standalone-full.xml and standalone-full-ha.xml files.Performance tuning

Changes in <RLM_HOME>/bin/, <RLM_HOME>/bin/

A stand-alone instance does not need binding to the node name and IP address.

Contains information about the binding of a stand-alone instance to the node name and IP address

Contains BRPM deployment information

Warning: Do not copy these files from the existing installation. If you have customized these files in the existing installation, make those changes in the upgraded environment again.