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Service Pack 4 is now available for BMC Release Process Management (BRPM) version 5.0. This service pack includes enhancements. 


This service pack includes the following enhancements:

Support for Oracle Database 19c and 18c

This service pack supports the following stand-alone instances of the database versions:

  • Oracle Database 19c
  • Oracle Database 18c

 For the list of supported databases, see System requirements.

REST API updates

In this service pack release, we have updated the REST APIs as follows:

  • All BRPM users can run the REST API version 1 commands according to their assigned privileges.
  • The request template name and request template ID are now available in the response of the request API. This is applicable for requests created from a request template. For more information, see REST requests.
  • You can lock and unlock property values of a component property by using the PUT /v1/properties/[id]/toggle_lock API. For more information, see REST properties.

Performance improvement

The My Requests tab now displays all the requests of which the user is the owner or requester of the step. This update significantly improves the performance of the BMC Release Process Management. Pages now load faster and it takes less time to perform tasks by using BRPM.

Logging enhancements

This service pack includes the following logging enhancements:

  • The server.log size is now reduced. The following statements were removed from the log to reduce the log size:
    • HTML rendering statements (for example, Rendered shared/_header.html.erb)
    • Rails Controller and Action Name statements (for example, Processing by DashboardController#request_dashboard as HTML)
    • Parameters statement for live updates (for example, Parameters: {"state"=>"started", "id"=>"1275"})
  • Logs now capture API and UI requests that take longer to respond. For more information, see Managing Logs.

Automation results updates

When you view the automation results for a step, private property value is encrypted and is denoted by an asterisk ( * ). For more information, see Viewing automation results.

Data purging enhancements

You can now specify the following additional parameters in the purging rake task:

request_statusStatus of the request
request_environmentEnvironment of the request

For more information, see Purging request data from the BRPM database.

Adobe Flash dependency update

Adobe Flash is no longer required to view reports.

To continue to use Adobe flash, see Adobe Flash end of life technical bulletin.

Cross-origin resource sharing policy update

In BRPM, cross-domain access to the BRPM server from any external system is denied by default. To specify and make sure that only the defined external domain system refers to the BRPM server, modify the CORS_ORIGINS value in the URL of the BRPM Requester UI. For more information, see Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy issue.

Third-party software support

This version uses the following third-party software: 

WildFly Application Server20.01
AdoptOpenJDK 1.8 update 252
Apache Tomcat web server version
(Used only in case of Requester UI)

Downloading the service pack

This patch includes the full installer of BRPM. For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

Changes to support WildFly Application Server 

Support for WildFly Application Server was introduced in BRPM version If you are upgrading from version or earlier, note these changes:

Feature or changeVersion or earlierVersion 5.0.04, and
Change in the BRPM Home Directory<RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM<RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM\portal.war\WEB-INF-
Automation job concurrency and other product settings moved

Present in the torquebox.yml file

Present in the wildfly.xml filePerformance tuning
Change in the standalone file names


standalone-ha.xml (for clusters)


standalone-full-ha.xml (for clusters)

Change in the location of deployment informationRLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/deployments/RPM-knob.yml contains the deployment information.

This information is now contained in the CURRENT_RPM_PATH environment variable in the <RLMHome>/bin/ file.

Applying hotfix
STOMP Host URLNeeded by Requester UINo longer required-
Running the rake tasksRun from the following directory: <RLMInstallDir>\releases\<versionNo>\RPMRun from the following directory: <RLMInstallationDirectory>\releases\<versionNo>\RPM\portal.war\WEB-INF-

Configuration settings for JBoss and HornetQ

RLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml RLMInstallDir/server/jobss/standalone/configuration/standalone-ha.xml (for clusters)No longer required. Settings added to the standalone-full.xml and standalone-full-ha.xml files.Performance tuning

Changes in <RLM_HOME>/bin/, <RLM_HOME>/bin/

A stand-alone instance does not need binding to the node name and IP address.

Contains information about the binding of a stand-alone instance to the node name and IP address

Contains BRPM deployment information

Warning: Do not copy these files from the existing installation. If you have customized these files in the existing installation, make those changes in the upgraded environment again.