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This topic contains information about the updates in this patch and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.


Version provides the following enhancements.

Exporting the map of properties

Starting with version, you can export the map of properties to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. In addition, now you can see a maximum of 50 characters in the property value column. 

For more information, see Properties Map by Environment or Application

Enhanced filtering in reports and requests

Earlier, you could restrict the historical data for requests or reports by specifying the date range in the Report/Request Date Filter Range settings. In version, the date range filter has been removed. Instead, now you can specify the maximum number of days that can be used as the range between the From and To fields while filtering requests, bulk delete requests, reports, or currently running steps. For more information, see Specifying general settings.

Adding description for a server

In version, while adding or editing a server, you can add an optional description for the server. This description is available on the Server Properties tab of a step when you select a list of servers on which you want to execute your deployment task. In addition, the description is available in an exported request.

Regenerating the REST API token using a rake task

By default, REST API token is generated for a user when the user is created. Starting with version, you can regenerate the token using a rake task

Updating LDAP group mappings using a rake task

In earlier versions, LDAP group mappings are updated after the first login through the GUI. Starting from version, you can update the mapping by executing a rake task without logging through the GUI. For more information, see To update LDAP group mappings using a rake task.

Exporting properties of all applications using a rake task

In version, you can export properties of all the applications in the system to a CSV file by using the export_all_properties rake task.

AdoptOpenJDK bundled with BMC Release Process Management

The RPM Server component that uses bundled Java environment will be shipped with AdoptOpenJDK  version 1.8 update 212. There is no functional impact to your environment. If you are upgrading to the patch, the Oracle Java in your earlier environment is replaced by AdoptOpenJDK   and no manual configuration is required. 

Downloading the patch

To download the patch, go to the BMC Release Process Management 5.0.03 page on the BMC Electronic Product Downloads site and download the installation files for the patch. 

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

Installing the patch

The process to install the patch is similar to installing any major or minor version.

For more information, see Installing

Upgrading to the patch

The process to upgrade to the patch is similar to upgrading to any major or minor version.


If you upgrade to this patch, the production.rb file (located at RLMhome\releases\ProductVersion\RPM\config\environments) gets replaced by a new instance of the file. If you have made changes to the production.rb file, ensure that you back up the file, and update the changes to the file after the upgrade. 

For more information, see Upgrading

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