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This topic contains information about the updates in this service pack and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack.


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues. To find the fixed issues for the 5.0.03 version, you can sort the issues in the table by the Corrected in column or filter them using the Corrected in list.


The following table describes the BMC Release Process Management (RPM) updates included in this release:

Requester UI enhancements
Support for viewing and updating step details

You can now view and update steps added for a request from the RLM Requester UI. In earlier releases, only a list of steps for a request were displayed. With this release, you can click any step to view the step details and update some of the fields for a specified step. For more information, see Viewing and editing step details.

You can only view or update the step details. To add or delete steps to a request, continue using the RPM Classic UI.

Performance improvements
Enhanced data retrieval for improved performance

While editing automation steps, a new edit button is added to enable editing values for data retriever scripts. Other enhancements include:

  • New Save and Cancel buttons are added for each editable field to save or cancel changes.
  • Until changes to the editable fields are saved, the Save Step button is disabled.
  • You can only edit one field at a time, save changes and then edit the next field.
  • While cloning requests, changes made to the data retriever values are also copied.
  • While exporting steps to XML format, labels and values for data retriever scripts are displayed in the document. While importing steps, the values specified in the XML document are imported too.

  • While exporting steps to PDF and HTML formats, only labels for data retriever scrips are displayed in the document.

For more information about editing steps, see Managing steps.

Audit and activity logging improvements

While creating audit records in the backend for any user activity, multiple SQL queries were getting executed that affected the overall performance of the RPM application. In this release, several changes are made to the audit and activity logging functionality for optimal performance, such as:

  • Added consumer for audit and activity queue to avoid maximum delivery attempt, which results in improved logging performance
  • Added logging for audit background jobs that displays the number of messages that are processed per queue
Changes to the pagination logic in BRPMImproved SQL query performance by optimizing pagination logic across RPM. This ensures that the application performance is not affected even if large number of records are present.
Usability enhancements
Global access to all applications for teams

In earlier versions, while creating or editing teams, you select applications to be assigned to the team individually. With this release, you can provide access to a team for all current applications with a single-click. In addition, teams that have access to all applications also get access to any new applications added to BRPM.

For more information, see Managing teams.

Enhanced creating and editing options for managing teamsWhile creating or editing a team, a new dialog box is added to enable association of application and groups to the team. For more information about creating and editing teams, see Managing teams.
Enhanced input options for creating and editing serversWhile creating or editing a server, a new dialog box is added to enable association of server groups and environments to the server. For more information about creating servers, see Managing servers.
Enhanced input options for creating and editing server groupsWith this enhancement, creating or editing fields in a server group is easier with addition of a new dialog box. For more information about creating and editing server groups, see Managing servers.
Installation enhancements
Enhanced TorqueBox Super User Details installation screen

A new field is added to the TorqueBox Super User Details installation screen to specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the TorqueBox host name.

Specifying the host name in an FQDN format resolves issues occurring in live updates for a request. For more information, see Installing BMC Release Process Management. For silent installation updates, see Installing BMC Release Process Management silently.

BMC Release Lifecycle Management (BRLM) common installer replaced with standalone installers

Starting with version 5.0.03, BMC has replaced the BMC Release Lifecycle Management common installer with standalone installers for the BMC Release Process Management (BRPM) and BMC Release Package Deployment (BRPD) applications.

For more information, see Installing and Upgrading sections in BMC Release Lifecycle Management documentation.

Logging enhancements
System information added in server logsWith this release, additional Java memory details are logged in the RPM server log. By default, the system information is logged at a 10 minutes time interval. For more information about the memory details available in the logs and for configuring time interval for system info job, see Managing logs.

BMC Release Process Management web services updates

With this release, new REST API commands are introduced to invoke RPM functionality.


For existing API calls, BMC recommends that you use the latest REST API version 2 commands instead of REST API version 1.

The following commands are added in this release:

  • Phases
    • GET phases
    • GET runtime phases
  • Packages
    • GET package references
    • GET package instance references
    • GET list of package instances
    • GET list of packages
  • Steps
    • GET step details
    • GET step references
    • GET server properties for a new step
    • GET server properties for an existing step
    • GET properties for a new step
    • GET properties for an existing step
    • GET notes for a step
    • POST notes to a step
    • PUT update step details
  • Documents
    • GET uploads/documents
    • GET download documents
  • Work tasks
    • GET work tasks

For more information, see REST API version 2.

Downloading the service pack

For downloading RPM 5.0.03, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing version 5.0.03

For installing RPM 5.0.03, see Performing the installation.

Upgrading to version 5.0.03

For upgrading to RPM 5.0.03, see Performing the upgrade.

After the upgrade

After upgrading to RPM 5.0.03, perform the Additional actions after the upgrade for steps that you must complete, depending on the release from which you are upgrading.