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This topic contains information about the updates in this service pack and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack.


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues. To find the fixed issues for the 5.0.02 version, you can sort the issues in the table by the Corrected in column or filter them using the Corrected in box.


The following table describes the BMC Release Process Management (RPM) updates included in this release:

Applicable for
Request details page enhancements
Enhanced request detailsRequester UI

With this release, when you click a request in the RPM Requester UI, the request details page shows the request summary, components associated with the request, and the request properties on the following tabs:

  • Summary
  • Components
  • Properties

For more information, see Viewing request details.

Exporting requestsRequester UI

You can export and save a request on your local machine in the XML, PDF, and HTML formats. For more information, see Exporting requests.

Additional and customizable columns in step detailsClassic UI, Requester UI

The following additional columns are available in the step details on the request details page:

  • Start by: Displays the scheduled start time of a step
  • Complete by: Displays the scheduled end time of a step
  • Work started at: Displays the actual start time of a step
  • Work finished at: Displays the actual end time of a step
  • Duration (RPM Classic UI): Displays how much time has passed since a step started running. This column corresponds to the Elapsed column on the BMC Release Lifecycle Management Requester UI (RLM Requester UI).

You can customize these columns for display, as follows:

Searchable stepsRequester UI

You can search for an individual step as well as for a step that is part of a procedure. For more information, see Viewing step details.

Support for proceduresRequester UINow, the request details page shows the procedures assigned to a request. For conditional procedures, an icon indicates whether or not the execution condition was met. For more details, see Viewing procedures.
Support for live updatesClassic UI, Requester UI

Live updates are implemented for the request details page. This page in Requester UI gets refreshed automatically after a request-related task is performed in the Classic UI.

For a related known issue, see DRZXB-16860 on Known and corrected issues.

Step enhancements
Importing additional columnsClassic UI

When importing steps, you can now import the following additional parameters:

  • start_by: The date on which a step should start executing
  • complete_by: The date on which a step should finish executing
Support for JIRAClassic UINow, you can integrate RPM with JIRA. For more information, see JIRA.
Miscellaneous enhancements  
Enhanced REST API v2 for requests and stepsNA

RPM supports the following additional methods in REST API version 2 (v2) for requests 

  • GET
  • PUT

Additionally, RPM supports REST API v2 for steps.

Downloading the service pack

For the procedure of downloading RPM 5.0.02, see To download the installation files.

Installing version 5.0.02

For the procedure of installing RPM 5.0.02, see Performing the installation.

Upgrading to version 5.0.02

For the procedure of upgrading to RPM 5.0.02, see Performing the upgrade.

After the upgrade

Refer to Additional actions after the upgrade  for steps that you must complete, depending on the release from which you are upgrading.