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This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch and provides instructions on downloading and installing the patch. 


This patch includes the following enhancement:

When using REST API for plans and plans stage instances, you can use the advanced include_except filter to exclude unnecessary data and avoid the REST call timeout (DRZXB-15792). For more information, see Using advanced filter options.

Corrected issues in the patch

For information about issues corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues. To find the fixed issues for the version, you can sort the issues in the table by the Corrected in column or filter them using the Corrected in list.

Downloading the patch

To download the patch, go to the BMC Release Process Management 5.0.01 download page and click the Patches tab.

For more information, see Preparing for installation.

Installing the patch

For the procedure of installing BMC Release Process Management, see Performing the installation.

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Preparing for installation

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