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This space contains information about the BMC Release Process Management 2.5 and the service pack 2.5.01 releases.

Featured content

For descriptions of the new features in the BMC Release Process Management product, see Enhancements in version 2.5.00 and for a discussion of the new features in service pack 2.5.01, see Service Pack 1 (2.5.01).

For a list of limitations and open issues, see Known and corrected issues.

Where to start

For more information about product installation, see Installing. For more information about various features of this product, see Using. For more information about product administration, see Administering.

About BMC Release Process Management

The BMC Release Process Management product helps you to manage the entire release process for software. You can manage multiple software products and multiple releases irrespective of the frequency of releases.

For more information about the value that this product provides, see Business value and DevOps.

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