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Depending on whether you want exclusive access to reports or you want to share reports with other users, you can save reports to personal or public folders.

To save a report

  1. After you run an out of the box report, select File > Save.
  2. On the Save As dialog box, in the Name box, type an appropriate name for the report.
  3. (Optional) In the Description box, type a meaningful description for the report.
  4. (Optional) In the Keywords box, type keywords that you or other users can use to search for the report in the future.
  5. Select Permanent regional formatting to associate the report formatting locale permanently with the document.
  6. To refresh the report data when the report is opened, select the Refresh on open check box.
  7. Click the Folders tab and navigate to the folder in which you want to save the report.
  8. Click the Categories tab, and select the categories that you want to associate with the report.
  9. Click OK.
    The report is saved to the selected folder.
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