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The following predefined templates are available to generate Performance reports:

Server CapacityThis report displays the graphs for daily summarized data for the selected attribute set. 
Server Capacity Drill Down

The report displays two tabs: Summary Graph and Details. The Summary Graph tab shows graphs for daily summarized data for the attribute sets Total CPU Utilization, Real memory used, and Free disk space. A graph for each attribute set is displayed on a new report page. The first graph shows aggregated daily data for all devices selected per attribute. Below that, a new graph is displayed for every Instance/Attribute.

You can drill down from a daily view to see hourly or minutes data. Click Preferences > Web Intelligence and select Synchronize Drill on Report Blocks to display all the data points after drill down.

The Details tab displays minimum, maximum, and average values for every instance between the selected time range.

Server Capacity DetailsThe report displays two tabs: Summary Graph and Monitor Information. The Summary Graph show graphs for summarized data for the selected attribute set over the selected period of time. The Monitor Information tab displays data per instance over the selected period. 


Because these reports are out-of-the-box and contain many in-built features, they may take a long time to refresh. BMC recommends that you use these reports for demonstration purposes only.

For detailed instructions on how to create custom reports, see Creating custom performance reports.



If Server Capacity Drill Down reports does not display graph properly, you must change the preference setting. To change the preference setting perform the following steps:

  1. Click Preferences.
  2. Click Web Intelligence.
  3. From Drill Options, check Synchronize drill on report blocks.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Close.

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