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This section provides information about the different types of BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management reports and how to generate these reports. BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting allows you to generate three types of out of the box reports - Event, Impact, and Performance reports. You can also generate custom reports by using the attributes listed in the Universe objects. You can generate the following type of reports in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting:

  1. Select Start > All Programs > SAP BusinessObjects BI Enterprise 4.0 > SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise > SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Java BI Launch Pad.
  2. Enter your log in credentials and click Log On.
  3. Click the Documents tab.
  4. Expand Folders > Public Folders > BPPM Reports.
  5. Expand either of the following folders for the type of report that you want to create.
  6. All the available reports are displayed in the main pane on the right. Double-click the type of report that you want to generate.
  7. Click Refresh to refresh the main report. This system displays a prompt to allow you to select the time period and other attributes.
  8. In the Prompt specify values for the basic parameters required to generate the report. For all of the reports, you must specify a time range, the interval (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly), and other report-specific parameters.
  9. Click Run Query. The report is displayed.
  10. Click Save to save the report, and then click the hyperlink to go to the sub report.
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