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You can use the following event objects and conditions to create performance reports. Only events generated by BMC ProactiveNet server based on performance data will be considered for Event and Performance Join reports. The events generated by other BMC sources which are received by BMC ProactiveNet server will not be shown in the event and performance join reports.


  • Event ID
  • Event Status
  • Event MC Original Severity
  • Event Message
  • Event MC Original Priority
  • Event Closed Time
  • Event Duration (Minutes)
  • Event Reception Date - Time


  • Select Event Priority Levels
  • Select Event Priority Level
  • Select Event Severity Levels
  • Select Event Severity Level
  • Enter/Select Report Reception Range Date-Time
  • Enter/Select Event Status

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1 Comment

    • Remove "MC" from "Event MC Original Severity" and "Event MC Original Priority"
    • Event Closed Time should be now Event Closed Date
    • Event Reception Date - Time should be Event Reception Date