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  1. Launch SAP BusinessObjects Designer, and enter the authentication details.
  2. On the File menu, click Import to import the universe from the repository.
  3. Select an appropriate universe folder, and select BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management universe to import.
  4. Specify the path where you want to import the selected universe, and import it.
  5. In SAP BusinessObjects Designer, on the File menu, click Parameters.
  6. Create a new connection, and follow the instructions on the wizard page. You need to:
    • Select Oracle client as the database middleware.
    • Enter the details of the database user account that you created using the create_BPPMR_user_tablespaces.sql script and the addressName that you specified in the tnsnames.ora file.
    • Specify the configuration parameters and custom parameters.
  7. In SAP BusinessObjects Designer, on the File menu, click Export, and export the updated universe back to the repository.


    If you have any questions with SAP BusinessObjects, contact BMC Software Customer Support for assistance.