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BMC Performance Manager for Platform as a Service (BMC Performance Manager for PaaS) enables you to discover and monitor resources in the public cloud environment. This product enables you to monitor the performance of the cloud environment and optimize the service level.

BMC Performance Manager for PaaS consists of the following components:

  • BMC PATROL for Windows Azure and
  • BMC PATROL for

BMC PATROL for Windows Azure

BMC PATROL for Windows Azure offers the following capabilities:

  • Automatically discovering and monitoring resources in the public cloud environment
  • Organizing performance and availability data by cloud instance and by resource classification (for example, disk, files, and memory)
  • Relating cloud instances to business services and applications
  • Accessing baseline performance data from the instances to produce predictive alerts in the context of an application or a service
  • Identifying when application or service problems result from failures in the cloud components
  • Raising intelligent alerts and incidents for service desk resolution

Monitors the PaaS accounts provided by Windows Azure. Windows Azure provides a compute service through the Windows Azure Guest OS and is based on Windows. You can build applications by using the .NET Framework, unmanaged code, or other approaches, which are then deployed to Microsoft Windows Azure as a hosted service. A hosted service supports the following types of roles:

  • Web role: A web role instance is .NET program that works with Internet Information Services (IIS), for example, ASP.NET and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).This instance is customized for web application programming.
  • Worker role: A worker role instance is used for generalized development, and can perform background processing for a web role. This instance does not require IIS.


    BMC PATROL for Windows Azure does not support the Virtual Machine (VM) role provided by Windows Azure.


BMC PATROL for offers the following capabilities:

  • Automatically discovering and monitoring resources, such as record types, users, and all licenses in the public cloud environment
  • Producing historical performance charts and status views
  • Accurately locate baseline performance data from the instances to produce predictive alerts in context of (for example, limits on disk storage space, limits on the number of permitted API calls)
  • Providing metadata support for automated integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

As a component of BMC Performance Manager for PaaS, BMC PATROL for contains the knowledge that BMC PATROL uses to monitor and analyze the platform.

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing that provides shared resources and software to computers and other devices on demand. Platform as a Service is one of the segments of cloud computing which offers a development platform. On this platform, developers can develop and deploy custom applications via cloud based Platform as a Service.


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