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BMC Network Automation imports the device inventory by using either File Access or JDBC Database Access method. See Adding a file access device import task and Adding a JDBC database access device import task. Each factory-installed import adapter supports a fixed method. You can also create your own JDBC Database Access methods, as described in Creating a user-defined database query format.

To view the listing of device import tasks

  1. Navigate to Admin > Network Admin > Device Import.



    When a task is scheduled for the future, the entries in the Recurring and Scheduled Date/Time columns are shown in boldface.

  2. (Optional) Click a column heading to sort the list.
  3. (Optional): Perform one of the following tasks by using the menu options that are available on the Device Import Tasks page:

    Menu option
    AddAdd a new import task to the list.
    Print ViewPrint the list of import tasks.
    RefreshRefresh the import list with updated status information.
    HelpDisplay Help for the Device Import task.
  4. (Optional) Perform one of the following actions by clicking an icon in the Actions column on the Device Import Tasks page:

    ViewDisplay details about the device import task
    EditEdit the device import task
    CopyCopy the device import task
    DeleteDelete the device import task