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The following table contains tasks and information associated with the user goals for BMC Network Automation, and provides links to the applicable topics:

Using task
For more information
Log on and log out of the applicationAccessing the interface 

Learn how to log on, log out, and view the online help for the product.

Understand the navigation in the application

Navigating the interface

Use the tabs in the BMC Network Automation application.
Learn about lists and views that share common navigation methods and actions

About lists and views

Review the topics in this section to: 

Manage device inventoryManaging device inventory

Review the topics in this section to:

Define and organize rules and fix compliance violations

Managing configuration compliance

Improve network security and availability by using rules to audit network configuration standards.
Manage pods and containers that are used in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environmentsManaging the Virtual Data Center

Review the topics in this section to: