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When you select Views > Manage Views, you can rename a view, set a default view, delete a view, or share a view with other users as shown in the following figure:








You can share a private view when you are granted that right in your role. After a view is shared, you can re-share it (that is, change who it is shared with). You can share a view with all users or with users within your selected roles. The roles available are those you belong to, or, if you are an administrator, all roles in BMC Network Automation.

To share a view

  1. Click Share View to the right of the view that you want to share.

  2. In the Share View dialog box, select the appropriate option:
    • Share View With All Users: This view is available to all the users.
    • Share View With Users in Selected Role(s): This view is available to users in the roles that you select.

      In the case of Share View With Users in Selected Role(s), use the Add or Remove buttons to move roles between the Available Roles and Selected Roles boxes.
  3. Click Save.