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You can generate a Device Inventory Report (or filter the Device list) for all devices that contain an end-of-sale (EOS) or end-of-life (EOL) hardware entity (for example, by PID).

To identify end-of-service and end-of-life hardware

  1. Select Reports > Device Inventory Report
  2. Set the Network Span to Entire Network.
  3. Select Filter Devices, and set the Device Type to Cisco IOS Switch/Router.
  4. Select the Inventory tab, and set the PID to the announced hardware item. You can use wildcards.
  5. Set the Device Inventory to display Hardware Inventory: IOS Entities*
  6. Click Next.

To determine service true-ups

In addition, you can calculate service true-ups for products that Cisco has reached EOS during your current service period. Generate a Device Inventory report filtered by Entire Network and the PID. Calculate the difference between the contract Contract End Date and the EOS date for your service credits.

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