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This space contains information about the BMC Network Automation version 8.6 release and includes information about urgent issues, documentation updates, service packs, and patches. BMC Network Automation version 8.6 release is part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite 8.6 release.

What's new

Announcement, June 26, 2015

BMC Software announces the release of Patch 2 for version 8.6.00.

For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

For a description of all open and corrected issues in BMC Network Automation, see Known and corrected issues.

Where to start

In the following table, click the link related to your task to learn more about how to proceed with this product:

New to the productKey concepts
Viewing information about the release and its service packs and patchesRelease notes and notices
Certifying and maintaining the BMC Network Automation application

Defining rules, user roles within the product, policies, custom actions, and device adapters

Viewing Priority, Status, Activity, and Support Reports

Managing reports

Understanding the end-to-end process for achieving value with BMC Network Automation integrated with BMC Cloud Lifecycle ManagementUse cases
Managing network pod and container design



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