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Use the following process to create an import source file that contains Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional database data so that it is present and accessible to the server during an import task.

To generate the source file from WhatsUp Professional

  1. (BMC Network Automation system and WhatsUp Professional are installed on the same computer) Use Microsoft Windows Explorer to navigate to the ena_install_dir\BMC SoftwareNetworks\BCA-Networks\public\ipswitch directory:

    (BMC Network Automation system and WhatsUp Professional are not installed on the same computer) Transfer the following files from the ena_install_dir\BMC SoftwareNetworks\BCA-Networks\public\ipswitch directory from the BMC Network Automation server to the server hosting WhatsUp Professional, preferably in the C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\WhatsUp Professional directory:
    • ExportDeviceData.bat
    • ExportDeviceData.sql

  2. Browse to and run the ExportDeviceData.bat file.

    By default a file named wup_export.xml is created in the C drive.
  3. Transfer wup_export.xml to the server.