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Use the following process to create an import source file that contains Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold database data so that it is present and accessible to the server during an import task.

To generate the source file from WhatsUp Gold

  1. Select the map to export.
  2. Select File > Export from the main menu.
  3. Enter the export file name and select Simple XML (.xml) files as the Save as type.
  4. Click Save to export the file.

  5. Copy the exported file to the source file.


    The WhatsUp Gold database export task can produce a non-compliant XML output. For example, WhatsUp Gold places ampersand (&) characters directly in the data. The file can be validated by opening a web browser that supports XML, such as Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer lists the lines in the export file that have errors. You can use a text editor to correct these errors before importing the file into the BMC Network Automation system.