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Each user can define a list of favorite views for various components such as devices, rules, and so on. BMC Network Automation stores these personal or private views so that they persist across user log on sessions. Only the user who saved the private view has access to that view.

To create or define a new private view

  1. Navigate to, for example, Network > Devices.
  2. Click the Filter option to select the filter criteria to produce the list of interest.


  3. Make your selections to narrow down the contents of the list. For example, to see devices that include "switch" in the name, enter *switch* in the Name field, using the asterisk as a wildcard.
  4. Click Submit to return to the list page with the filtered view.
  5. Click Views > Save View.


    If you try to save a view with an existing name, a popup dialog asks you to confirm if you want to replace the existing view.

  6. Specify a name for the view, for example, Local Core Routers, Failed Snapshot, Offline Devices, or Online Devices.

    The newly created view is now available as a favorite under Views. The following figure shows such a saved view named bcan devices. Note the name of the view just below the title.