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You can access the BMC Network Automation application server from any computer by using a web browser. Two default accounts are available for logging on to BMC Network Automation, the system administrator account and the guest account. When you have finished using the application server, you can log out. Click the Help link on the main dashboard to view the online technical documentation.

Logging on to the application server

  1. Start your web browser (see Web-based client system requirements for a list of supported web browsers).
  2. Enter the URL in the following format:

    The protocol can be http or https, depending upon the web server configuration (see Installing the application server on Windows or Installing the application server on Linux).




    The port is not required if the product is installed with the default port (for example, 80 for unencrypted HTTP, 443 for HTTPS).

  3. (Optional) For future reference, bookmark this URL.
  4. Log on using one of the following methods:
    • If you configured your application server to use local authentication, you can log in using one of the default accounts:


      User Name


      System Administrator







      • You are prompted to change the sysadmin password on the initial logon.
      • The guest account has the Viewer role by default. To change roles or passwords or delete accounts, see Managing access.
    • If you configured your application server to use remote authentication (for example, Microsoft Active Directory, TACACS+, or RADIUS), use the account specified as Admin User Name during installation. This account must be a valid account configured in your remote authentication server.


      When installed to authenticate against Active Directory, the system supports authentication of user accounts that exist in multiple Active Directory servers within an AD Forest by allowing the user to provide the domain qualifier in the login username.
      Both domain\username and username@domain formats are supported.

  5. (Optional) If you have administrator permissions, you can set the webappRememberMeEnabled global property to true to add the Remember Login for 1 Day option on the Login screen. After you add this option to the screen, you can select it to eliminate the need to log on again each time the client is started on this desktop. This option is especially useful when launching reports and initiating change requests from third party applications. See Managing system parameters.
    When the log on process is complete, the Dashboard in the Home tab is displayed.


If you have logged on to the application server and the BMC Network Automation web server service is restarted, the following error message appears when you try to log on to the application server again:

HTTP Status 400 - Invalid direct reference to form login page.

To resolve the issue, close the browser, and launch it again to access the application server.

Logging out of the application server

When you have finished using the application server, click Logout. The server automatically terminates idle sessions depending on the inactivity/idle time specified under Admin > System Parameters. The default value is 30 minutes.

Viewing help

The BMC Network Automation online technical documentation is available by clicking the Help link on the main dashboard. To access the local HTML help (also called offline help), see Installing local HTML help.