This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.


For information about issues corrected in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

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This patch provides the following updates:

Standalone BMC Network Automation updates

The following table describes the standalone BMC Network Automation system updates included in this patch:


Custom action runtime parameter behavior change

If you do not specify a value for an optional runtime parameter in custom actions, the parameter does not exist. Therefore, to ensure that a runtime parameter actually has a value, check for -EXISTS- condition before you use the runtime parameter. For an example of how to use this condition, see Understanding custom action runtime parameters.

BMC Network Automation Developers API updates

The following table describes the BMC Network Automation Developers API updates included in this patch:


Web Service classes

The Web Service classes include two new methods, setExternalTracker and clearExternalTracker that set and clear the external tracker to and from the SOAP client header respectively. 

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BMC Network Automation Performance improvements

The following table describes the BMC Network Automation Performance improvements included in this patch:


Improved performance for reports with large configurations

To enhance the performance of reports that display differences or discrepancy between the configurations such as Change Summary and Discrepancy Summary when the configuration is very large (> 50, 000 lines), you can switch to a faster GNU Diff-based BMSI package by setting differencingEngine=BMSI in the file.

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BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management-related updates

The following table describes the BMC Network Automation updates included in this patch to support BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version 4.1.00 :

Improved error messages

The message text for some error messages returned from BMC Network Automation to the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management GUI has been improved.

Web Services

  • IPAMService class

The excludeAddresses() method now supports third-party IP Address Management (IPAM) providers such as VitalQIP and Infoblox in addition to the existing BMC Network Automation home-grown IPAM provider.

  • AddressingService class

To enable BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to onboard a VM that has addresses which are already "acquired" from the IPAM system, the following new methods are introduced in the AddressingService class:

    • acquireSpecificNatAddress2
    • acquireSpecificPhysicalServerNicAddress2
    • acquireSpecificRogueAddress2
    • acquireSpecificVirtualServerNicAddress2
    • releaseAllServerNicAddresses3
    • releaseNatAddress3
    • releasePhysicalServerNicAddress3
    • releaseRogueAddress2
    • releaseVirtualServerNicAddress3
Third-party IPAM

To allow concurrent service offering instance (SOI) functionality in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, a new property ipamSerializeThirdPartyRequests has been added to the file. You must set this property to true to enable BMC Network Automation to serialize concurrent requests for an acquire IP address operation.

License Usage reportThe License Usage report now lists the number of online and offline devices managed by BMC Network Automation as part of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution. Earlier, this report only tracked the number of online and offline devices managed by BMC Network Automation.

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Downloading the patch

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

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Installing and upgrading to the patch

For instructions on installing the patch, see Installing.

If you are upgrading the application server, you must also upgrade all remote device agents to the same version as BMC Network Automation. For more information about upgrade, see Upgrading.

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