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This topic contains information about enhancements in this service pack, and it provides hyperlinks to instructions for downloading and installing the service pack and to information about known and corrected issues.


Service Pack 1 provides the following enhancements:

  • The HP Procurve Switch and Radware Alteon Application Switch device adapters support the terminal server tunneled mode.
  • The Huawei Switch/Router adapter supports the HUAWEI S3328 device.
  • The performance of the Firewall Services Module (FWSM) adapter has been improved by making delay adjustments.
  • Out-of-the-box Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center (VMDC) 2.3 content is available on the FTP site. For instructions on downloading the latest content, see the Downloading content from the BMC FTP site section.
  • The UI has been enhanced to recall user selection across pages. In other words, if the UI contains multiple pages and you navigate from one page to another after selecting some options, the UI reuses the selections across all the pages. For example, if a system has 2,000 devices and the value of Item per page is 100, you see 20 pages on the device UI. If you select n items on page 1, n items are shown as selected on the rest of the pages too.
  • The following versions of BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC Atrium CMDB, and BMC Atrium Orchestrator are certified with BMC Network Automation version 8.3.01. When integrated, these products compose the BMC Continuous Compliance for Network Automation solution.

    Products and their respective versions certified with BMC Network Automation 8.3.01



    BMC Decision Support - Network Automation


    BMC Remedy AR System Server
    (Includes BMC Remedy Mid Tier)


    BMC Remedy ITSM Suite
    (Includes BMC Change Management and BMC Service Desk: Incident Management)


    BMC Atrium CMDB Enterprise Manager
    (Includes BMC Atrium CMDB Web Services)


    BMC Atrium Single Sign-On

    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform


    BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content


Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Downloading files from the BMC FTP site and importing them into BMC Network Automation

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Type ftp
  3. Specify anonymous as the user name and anonymous as the password.
  4. Navigate to the directory where the new content is located.
  5. Set the file transfer mode to BINARY.
  6. (Optional) Monitor the progress of the transfer.
  7. When prompted to fetch the specified file, enter y.

    The following commands show how to download the and readme_BNA_8.3_SP1_Cisco_VMDC_2.3.txt files from the FTP site after logon:

    cd /pub
    cd bnacontent
    cd 8.3.01
    mget y
    get readme_BNA_8.3_SP1_Cisco_VMDC_2.3.txt
    get readme_BNA_8.3_SP1_Cisco_VMDC_2.3.txt? y
  8. Import the downloaded files into BMC Network Automation using the import/export utility. For details about using the utility, see  Exporting and importing components using a script.

Installing the service pack

For instructions on installing the service pack, see Installing.

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