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    The Search By Parameters option helps you to search the product of your own interest. You can search the product by entering single text in the search field. Using Search By Parameters option you can search the product by expressing the BMC product or an infrastructure component like Operating System, Database, Browser, Web Server etc.


    • itsm will result in all versions of "BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite" product.
    • itsm, ie6 will result in all "BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite" product that support "Internet Explorer 6".
    • itsm, w2k3, ie6 will result in all versions of "BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite" product that runs on "Windows Server 2003" and supports "Internet Explorer 6".
    • APPTUNE for DB2, z/OS 1.13, ALTER for DB2, z/OS 1.11 will result in all ALTER DB2 versions and APPTUNE fro DB2 versions works on z/OS 1.11 and z/OS 1.13.

    As you start entering the text in search field, an auto complete list appears and you can choose valid string matching your entity. You can also create search criteria using pre-defined search keys separated by ",". The following is the format of a valid query. 

    <query tag>,<query tag>,<query tag> .....

    Search Products

    On the search field, enter your query and click Search or press the Enter key. The matching results gets displayed under Compatible BMC products with there product name and version.

    You can also view the displayed results from Filter by Name and Version lists. 

    Compatible BMC Products

     The table below provides compatible products information.

    Product NameThe product name which is compatible to the search string.
    VersionThe product version which is compatible.
    ActionThe required action.

    Working with Search Product details

    To view the detail information about the search products.

    1. Click on any of the product name to open the detailed view which shows all compatibility information available for the product. For more information, see BMC Product and Version.
    2. To add the product to the export list, select any product and click Add to Export list mentioned in Action tab. All the products which you want to export to excel will get listed in Products To Export To Excel. 


      The .zip file consolidates all the selected products with compatible information into the excel files and save to your local machine.

    3. To remove the product from the export list. select Remove from Export list.
    4. To export the compatibility information of the products or components to a Microsoft Excel file, click Export to Excel.
    5. To clear the export list, click Clear Export list.

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