The BMC Product and Version option helps you to specify versions of a BMC product and supported Operating Systems, Databases, Managed technologies, and so on.


Specify the following required information:

  • Product Name — Select or type the name of the BMC product or solution. This field is case sensitive. 
  • Product Version — Select or type the version. The versions listed include only those that are available and supported.
  • SP/FP/Patch — Select or type the service pack version. The versions listed includes only those that are available and supported. The older version will get listed at the bottom, whereas the latest version will be listed at the top.


If the product has Service Packs defined in the Admin tool,
then only that SP/FP/Patch option will be visible in the SPAC URL.

Based on your selection of the product ,version and service pack, the Status, Release Date, Support Status, Full Support End Date and End Of Support Date details will be shown. As per End Of Support policy, the Support Status value is now changed from No Support to End Of Version Support.  To view the release information in .pdf format, click on Release Notes.

Applying additional filters

To filter the displayed results, you can select values in the Filter by Name and Version lists.

Viewing different product search

The following examples let you know the different product search and their outcomes. 

Example 1 — Auto redirect product 

To view an auto redirect URL through which you can view the product information follow these steps:

  1. Select the product from the Product Name and Version which has URL (for example, BMC Analytics for BSM).
  2. The selected product/solution will redirect you with the message.

    “Please click here for information on this product”.

Auto redirect product

Example 2 Product with Core Components 

To view solution information in a solution view follow these steps:

  1. Select the product from the Product Name and Version which has solution view (for example, BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite).
  2. The compatible products with solution information will get listed in Core Components option with Notes of Solution.
  3. Select any product (for example, BMC Analytics for BSM) from the Core Component list, to view compatible platforms, compatible products, operating system, database, third-party compatibility, etc information.

Solution product

Example 3   Product without Components

You to view compatible product information using normal search procedure. For more information, see Search by ParametersViewing Compatible Platforms, and Viewing Compatible Product (Beta) information.

Product without Components 

Example 4  Compatibility information not available

When the Product/Solution is in stage draft (with non approved data), the selected Product/Solution redirects you with the message Compatibility information not available.


Accessing additional documentation

To view documentation related to the selected BMC product, click the Release Notes link.

Exporting information to Excel

To export the compatibility information for a particular product or component to a Microsoft Excel file, click Export to Excel and save information it on your computer.

The .zip file will contain Excel files only for BMC products that have relevant compatibility information.

Downloading the product

Type the product name and the product version to extract the product compatiblity. Once the product details get populated, the Product Download Link is displayed. Click Product Download Link and you are redirected to the product download page.

If the Product Download Link is not available against the extracted product, click  Request Download Link to request for the product download link. Additionally, the following message appears:

Download Link Requested Successfully

The product download link will be made available after serving the request.

Viewing product compatibility details

The following sections describe the information that is available for the selected product and version. The COMPATIBLE PLATFORMS, COMPATIBLE BMC PRODUCTS and NOTES, and INFORMATION tabs are displayed for product only if they contain information. The CORE COMPONENTS, COMPATIBLE BMC PRODUCTS and NOTES, and INFORMATION tabs are displayed for solution only if they contain information.

Customer survey

Customer survey feature is available on the SPAC page to hear customer voice. Customer survey allows you to provide feedback. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can provide the feedback using the following options:

  • Confusing
  • Missing Information
  • Not Correct
  • Not the information I expected
  • Add comments (up to 455 characters) in the Your comments text box.
  • Provide your email address so that BMC can get back to you.


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