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BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise





BMC is announcing enhancements and fixed issues related to the BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise product.

Overview of the enhancements

The following enhancements are available for a fix pack release of version 4.0.00:

  • Updated the Tomcat web server to version 8.5.57 to address configuration restore issues and the following publicly announced vulnerabilities 
    • CVE-2020-1935
    • CVE-2020-1938
    • CVE-2020-9484
    • CVE-2020-11996
    • CVE-2020-13934
    • CVE-2020-13935
  • Extended the default timeout used for HMC query functions to 10 minutes.
  • Added three new RDL2 functions. Two functions allow the timeout value to be queried and modified and one function temporarily modify the logging verbosity for diagnostic purposes.
    • zhmcGetTimeout() — returns current HMC timeout value in milliseconds
    • zhmcSetTimeout(timeout) — set HMC timeout value, where timeout is in milliseconds
    • zhmcEnableHttpLogging(level, timeout) — temporarily increase the logging level, where  level is quoted string specifying level, currently only DEBUG is recommended and timeout is timeout in milliseconds


      zhmcEnableHttpLogging("DEBUG", 12 * 60 * 1000)

      This increases the logging to the DEBUG level for the next 12 minutes after which it will automatically revert to the default INFO level.

  •  The Show Server Ports Info report page now includes the additional automation server ports that support the new browser-based viewer.
  • Improve Java client certificate selection and error handling.

  •  Updated the RESTful API documentation so that all URLs start with /mvcm-api/api not /api

Fixed issues

 The following fixes are available for the browser-based viewer in the Fix Pack release of version 4.0.00:

  • Fixed the issue with sending commands when console names were the same but in different automation servers. 
  • Fixed the issue with alert counts not refreshing properly.
  • Fixed the issue with priority message color not changing when requested.
  • Fixed the issue with dismissing popup tables.
  • Improve display of long console names in the explorer.
  • Session filtering now applies to priority message area in addition to scrolling message area.

Obtaining the enhancements and fixes

The installation packages are available via the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) facility. You can navigate to the EPD page from the Support Central website at

After downloading the patch files, upload the patch files by using the BMC AMI Console Management web-configuration interface.

If you have questions, call BMC Support. If outside the United States, use the Select Another Country drop-down list to search for local phone numbers.