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As an administrator, assign users particular user roles and include them in particular user groups by providing the following types of access control:

  • Feature-level access control: Access to various features (tabs) in the product, depending on the user role and responsibility.
  • Data-level access control: Access to data emerging from particular data sources or applications. 

This topic provides the following information:

Feature level access control

The following table provides an illustration of the feature-level access permissions available to different users:


As a user, you can:

  • See objects created by you and shared with you via the workspace or saved searches.
  • Perform searches on the event data to which you have been granted access.

In the following table, the Ο symbol indicates the access permissions available to various user roles.

Main tabSubtabRoles
Super AdminApp AdminTroubleshooter
CabinetSaved SearchesΟΟΟ
ManageData CollectorsΟΟ 
Data PatternsΟΟ 
User GroupsΟ  
Content PacksΟ  
SettingsUser Settings


(Specific to individual user)


(Specific to individual user)


(Specific to individual user)

System SettingsΟ  
Change PasswordΟΟΟ
External Config.Ο  

Data level access control

For the data-level access permissions to be applied:

For more information, see Managing user groups.

Where to go from here

To configure the product for local collection of data, see Managing data collectors.

To configure the product for remote collection of data, see Configuring after installation.

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