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This space contains information about the BMC IT Business Management Suite 8.0 release.

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About BMC IT Business Management Suite

The BMC IT Business Management Suite is a comprehensive and integrated IT management system that improves high-level decision making and optimizes the use of IT resources. It provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use alternative to the more commonly used unconnected islands of data tied to specific departments or projects. The myriad of these point solutions includes spreadsheets, email, and customized in-house tools.

The BMC IT Business Management Suite consists of the following elements:

  • BMC IT Business Management Decision Foundation
  • BMC Demand and Resource Management
  • BMC Supplier Management
  • BMC Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • BMC Service Cost Management

In addition, BMC IT Business Management Suite offers an integrated and robust reporting environment that you can use to capture and support the many types of information required for making the most effective IT business decisions. All BMC IT Business Management Suite modules are accessible through the standard web browsers.





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