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BMC Supplier Management focuses on the single largest cost in sustaining operations in IT-vendor expenditures. Typically, vendor costs consume more than 50% of an IT organization's overall budget. Most of this amount is spent on IT infrastructure, an area that has minimal perceived value from a business perspective. You can maximize the value of vendor relationships by shifting time, people, and dollars from low-value infrastructure to high-value projects that are recognized by the business organization.

BMC Supplier Management provides comprehensive management of, and visibility into, IT vendor activity. It enables your IT organization to proactively understand the business impact of vendors, build quality vendor relationships, establish ongoing vendor performance metrics, and, ultimately, maximize the value derived from your vendors. You can use the BMC Supplier Management windows to view selected lists of vendors and summary information about an individual vendor, or you can delve into the details of any aspect of the vendor relationship.

To access BMC Supplier Management, select Supplier Management on the left navigation bar on the BMC IT Business Management Suite user window. Alternatively, you can directly select one of the following BMC Supplier Management components on the left navigation bar.

  • Vendors
    Lists Vendors and provides access to all the information behind each Vendor listed. This window consists of two additional tabs.
    • Vendor Portfolios
      Provides a flexible, streamlined way to quickly compare and analyze sets of vendors that you have grouped together based on criteria you've specified. Vendors can belong to multiple portfolios.
    • Contracts
      Lists Contracts across all Vendors along with links to contract details including the terms, associated obligations, relationships with other BMC Foundation Pillars, and supporting documents.
  • Vendor Services
    Provides a place to document and manage the services that are purchased by the IT organization from vendors.
  • Vendor Initiatives
    Provides a quick way to get information about various ongoing processes for each Vendor.
  • Obligations
    Lists all Obligations in BMC Supplier Management-for Vendors, for Contracts, and for Issues-or a selected subset and includes access to obligation details, information about the obligation owner, and access to reminders.
  • Performance
    Provides details of vendor performance. This window includes three tabs:
    • Analysis
      Provides graphic representation of comparative performance data for selected Vendors.
    • Reviews
      Provides the resources for review management activities such as creating review templates and sending reviews.
  • Actuals
    Allows you to track actual costs against projected vendor spend.


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