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If you access your Java EE application server through a proxy server, you must perform an initial setup for the BMC Middleware Automation CLI to use the proxy.

To set up the use of a proxy with the CLI

  1. Set up the execution environment for your application server:
    • (IBM WebSphere) Run the setupCmdLine.bat or script in the bin directory of the WebSphere application server installation directory.
    • (Oracle WebLogic) Run the setWLSEnv.cmd or script in the bin directory of the WebLogic Server installation directory.
    • (Red Hat JBoss) Set the JBOSS_HOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables.
  2. In the file (in the cli subdirectory of your BMC Middleware Automation installation), set the following properties:with




    The user name for logging on to the proxy server


    The host name or IP address of the proxy server computer


    The port number that the proxy server listens on

  3. Encrypt your proxy password and store it in a file called. proxy_pwd in your user home directory. To encrypt your password, execute a CLI command that invokes the runDeliver script with the -mode encode option and the -dest option. Ensure that you run the script on the client computer where you plan to execute the CLI and as the same user who will execute the CLI.

    Format your CLI command similar to the following example command:

    runDeliver -mode encode -applicationServer ARA_3DES -value myPassword -dest /home/user/.proxy_pwd


    For more information about running this command, see Encoding text for encryption.