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Before you run the runDeliver script from the cli subdirectory of your BMC Middleware Automation installation, you must perform the following setup tasks:

  • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of your JRE.
  • Set the API_SERVER_URI property in the file to display the connection URL to theWebServer API Server instance.
  • In the file, you can optionally set values for the following additional settings:
    • To enable accessing the application server via a proxy server, set values for the PROXY_USER, PROXY_HOST, and PROXY_PORT properties. For more information, see Using a SOCKS proxy with the CLI.
    • To specify a properties file that contains values for tokens to substitute into a Configuration during an installation, set a value for the TOKENS property. For more information, see Defining tokens for CLI operations.
    • To include JVM arguments in installation operations that you perform through the CLI, define your JVM arguments through the JVMARGS property. For a description of various JVM arguments that you can define, see Defining launcher properties. For each JVM argument, use only the text string used in the Value column on the Launcher Properties page (and not the property name from the Property column). Include spaces between your various JVM arguments, and enclose the full string of the JVMARGS property value in quotation marks (for example: JVMARGS="-Xms256m -Xmx1024m-Dphurnace.maxTaskWait=350000").
    • To specify the path to the product license key (.lic) file, so that you do not have to use the -license option in every command, set a value for the LICENSE_FILE property. Note that you can alternatively store a copy of the license key file in the cli subdirectory.
    • To specify directories in which to look for input files, so that you can use relative paths in commands (rather than absolute paths), set values for the following properties: INPUT_CONFIG_DIR (for input Configuration files) and INPUT_PROFILE_DIR (for input Server Profile files).
    • To specify a base directory for working directories, in which to create all timestamp directories, set a value for the WORKING_DIR_BASE property.
    • To set the logging level for the launching of product engines, set a value for the ANT_LAUNCH_LOG_LEVEL property. Valid values are ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, and VERBOSE. The default value is INFO.
    • To set the maximum wait time for application installation, set a value in milliseconds for the MAX_TASK_WAIT property (for example, 120000)
    • To define port rules that control the assignment of ports to WebSphere clusters or servers during the installation of a WebSphere Configuration, add the PORT_RULES_FILE property and set its value to the full path and name of other properties file that contains your port rule definitions. For more information, see Applying port rules for WebSphere clusters created through the CLI.
    • To set the custom JAVA_HOME path for CLI actions, set the value for the DELIVER_JAVA_HOME property. 
  • If you want return codes associated with BMC Middleware Automation operations that you perform through the CLI, include the following line of code in the runDeliver script file, after the line that says DeliverCLI %*:
    ECHO statusCode: %errorlevel%


To verify that your environment is set up properly, you can run the runDeliver command with the -h option, as described in Running the CLI.


Ensure that the paths that you set do not contain the following special characters in any directory names:
& (ampersand), ^ (caret), ! (exclamation mark), % (percent sign),; (semicolon), # (pound), . (period), $ (dollar sign), ' (left single quote), ` (grave accent), = (equals sign), ~ (tilde)