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The following table provides information and guidelines related to planning the installation and deployment of BMC Middleware Automation in your environment: 

GoalFor more informationBenefit
Understand the major shift in the architecture of BMC Middleware Automation 8.8.00, that enhances BMC Middleware Automation to a server-based solution scalable in a server environment to enterprise standards. ArchitectureUse the new capabilities of the server-based BMC Middleware Automation 8.8solution, and scale it to enterprise standards to your advantage.
Understand the components that comprise BMC Middleware Automation 8.8.00.BMC Middleware Automation componentsTake advantage of the BMC Middleware Automation 8.8.00 pieces that work together to help you configure and deploy middleware applications across different application server environments.

Understand the flexibility of BMC Middleware Automation 8.8.00 to support different sets of distributed environments.

WebService API Server load balancing ability

Take advantage of the BMC Middleware Automation WebService API Server architecture to apply different kinds of load balancing techniques.

Even though load balancer is not part of the BMC Middleware Automation solution. BMC Middleware Automation is designed to let you configure your custom http-based load balancer.