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This topic provides an overview of the different components that comprise BMC Middleware Automation to help give you a general understanding of the pieces that work together to configure and deploy middleware applications across different application server environments. 

BMC Middleware Automation components

BMC Middleware Automation version 8.8.00 consists of the following components:

  • BMC Middleware Automation desktop client application component:
    • BMA UI component:  RCP-based Eclipse application that uses https and wss protocols to interact with the WebServices API Server.
    • BMA CLI componentCLI-based application launched via the|.bat script that makes calls to the Web Services API Server for all the business-logic operations. Interaction is performed via the https and wss protocols.
  • WebServices API Server component:
    • REST API: The secured REST-like interface that is accessible to the BMC Middleware Automation users via the user interface (UI) or command-line interface (CLI). This service accepts all the initial requests from clients and forward the request to the appropriate Job Queue to be handled by the Job Service.
    • Engine ServiceThis service accepts requests, instantiates the appropriate BMC Middleware Automation engine, and executes the request on behalf of the requesting user. This service work in the same way as CLI: instantiates the target engine, and then forwards the request to that engine.

    • Jobs ServiceThis core component that performs and schedules different user jobs in the jobsDB database, and enables the client desktop application to work with the jobs objects.  This service that manages all queues for both long and short running jobs.  Another responsibility of the Job Service is to manage load on a single server. Since there are pools of threads to run jobs, the Job Service determines if there are resources to execute a job on a particular machine.

    • Report Service: This service is responsible for generating and collecting metrics for the Health and Value Dashboard component.

    • Security Service: In BMC Middleware Automation 8.8 release, this service is only responsible for reading the license of the requesting anonymous user to determine their ability or permissions to execute a particular operation/service within the application. This is the basic security that was done on the previous standalone versions of BMC Middleware Automation.

    • Scheduler ServiceThis service is responsible for scheduling a particular job to run at a predetermined time.  In BMC Middleware Automation 8.8 release, this service is only used for the internal job execution, for example the Database Cleanup or the longer running reporting Jobs like tasks performed for Health and Value Dashboard Metrics.

    • jobsDB database
    • metricsDB database
    • FileServer server
  • Health and Value Dashboard Server component: A separate reporting server that collects and display various reporting information to the BMC Middleware Automation users. This Health and Value Dashboard server is interacting with the Web Services API Server to obtain fresh reporting information and all relevant metrics. Interaction is performed via the https and wss protocols.

Figure 1: BMC Middleware Automation components architecture

Figure 2: WebServices API Server components architecture

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