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You can control the assignment of ports to WebSphere clusters or servers during the installation of a WebSphere Configuration through the CLI. During the creation of the WebSphere clusters, the port numbers that you choose are applied instead of the standard WebSphere default port numbers. 

To apply port rules for WebSphere clusters

  1. Create a properties file (that is, a simple text file) to contain your port definitions.
  2. Within this file, define port numbers using the following lines:
    • For the range of ports available to the entire cell:
      cell=<port range>
    • For each cluster in the cell:
      <cluster name>=<port range>
    • For portnumbers that you want to exclude from use by the cell and by the clusters within it:
      excluded=<port range>
    All port ranges can have any of the following formats:
    • A range of numbers denoted by a dash.
      For example: 100-200
    • A comma-separated list of numbers.
      For example: 201,211,221,231
    • A comma-separated list that contains ranges.
      For example: 100-200,211,221,231

    The following text is from a sample propertiesfile named

    #Range of ports available to the entire cell.  
    #If a dynamic cluster does not have a range defined or if the range runs out of available ports, it will default to the Cell range.
    #Ranges for specific dynamic clusters by range.
    #In this example 2 dynamic cluster ranges are provided.
    #Range of ports to exclude
    #If set to true, ignores port rules for existing cluster members



    Starting with BMC Middleware Automation version, if you want that Engines ignore the port rules for the existing cluster members, add the ignorePortRulesForExistingServers property, and set its value to true. For IBM WebSphere Full Profile AS version 8.5 only.

  3. Save the properties file that you created in the previous steps, and take note of where you stored it.
  4. To use the port rulesproperties, in the file (in the cli subdirectory of your BMC Middleware Automation installation), add the PORT_RULES_FILE property and set its value to the full path and name of the properties file that you created in the previous steps.

    For example:

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