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The BMC Middleware Automation product has a command-line interface (CLI) that you can use to automate product operations. The CLI is based on the following scripts (.bat on Microsoft Windows and .sh on Linux or UNIX) that you execute from the cli subdirectory of your BMC Middleware Automation installation:




The main CLI script, which you can use for most BMC Middleware Automation operations. For example:

  • Create Server Profiles
  • Test server connections
  • Retrieve server topology
  • Create Snapshots
  • Tokenize Snapshots or Configurations
  • Compare two Snapshots or Configurations
  • Synchronize token sets between Server Profiles
  • Install or preview the installation of Configurations
  • As of 8.2.03: Encode text that you want to encrypt


Combine multiple Configurations into one Configuration.


Create HTML or PDF versions of product reports for viewing outside of the product user interface

(deprecated as of 8.2.03)

Encode text that you want encrypted in the Configurations and Server Profiles that you reference in your CLI commands.


A separate command-line interface is available for management of the IBM WebSphere Portal server. For more information about the Portal CLI, see Using the Portal CLI.

The following topics provide more information about the CLI: