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To make a Configuration portable for different environments or purposes, you can replace hard-coded strings with variables, or tokens, that are replaced at installation time with environment-specific values.

The BMC Middleware Automation tokens are written in the following format: ${ph:token-name}. The ph: assigns the token to the product-specific namespace for BMC Middleware Automation, avoiding conflicts with tokens created by application server vendors.

For examples of tokens used in Configurations, see Examples of token usage.

When searching for strings to tokenize, you can restrict token replacement to very precise strings in an exact context within your Configuration using regular expressions and XPath expressions. For more information, see Examples of regular expressions and XPath expressions and Smart tokenization use cases.

You define the token values for replacement on the Install tab of each Server Profile that you plan to use in the installation operation.

You can use any of the following methods to tokenize your Configurations and to specify token values in Server Profiles (depending on your objectives and circumstances):

An additional type of token for tokenization of WebSphere server names in a cluster is described in Tokenizing WebSphere server names in a cluster.