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To prepare a Configuration for installation operations on target application servers, you can start with a Snapshot or Configuration file, and modify it in a variety of ways. Depending on the objectives of the installation operation, you can use any combination of the following actions:



Searching and editing Configurations

Search within Snapshots and Configurations and edit the elements and attributes in them directly in the Design view or Source view.

Performing special Configuration edits for installations

Edit a Configuration to enable special installation actions, such as application deployment, partial application deployment, or cluster installation.

Packaging a Configuration

Package a subset of elements from a server's Snapshot into a new Configuration, so that the Configuration contains just those objects that you need to install. The smaller Configuration installs more efficiently, and eliminates the possibility of introducing errors by changing objects unrelated to the task at hand.

Tokenizing Configurations

Replace hard-coded, environment-specific attribute values in the Configuration with tokens, parameter placeholders that are substituted with values just before the Configuration is installed. The values are stored in the Server Profile for each target application server.

See also Typical strategy for creating Configurations from Snapshots.