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As an alternative to installing a Portal Configuration through BMC Middleware Automation, you can use BMC Middleware Automation to install a Portal Application Archive (PAA) on WebSphere Portal 8.0. A Portal Application Archive file is a compressed file that contains an application along with its directory structure, component properties, and database support.

You can use BMC Middleware Automation to install Portal Application Archives, either through the user interface or through the CLI. After installing the PAA, the installed application is similar to any other WebSphere Portal application. You can then use BMC Middleware Automation to identify components in the PAA that require updating (for example, by comparing Snapshots).

For more information about PAA files, see the IBM Knowledge Center for Portal 8.0, the section about using the Solution Installer.

To install a PAA through the user interface

  1. Select Actions >  Install PAA.
  2. In the Install PAA Wizard, browse and select the Portal Application Archive file that you want to install, and then click Next.
  3. Select the Server Profiles for the application servers on which you want to install the Portal Application Archive, and then click Next.
  4. On the Summary page, click Finish.

To install a PAA through the CLI

Within the cli subdirectory of your BMC Middleware Automation installation, execute a command that invokes the runDeliver script with the -mode installPAA option.

The following options are available for the installPAA operation:




The full path to the Portal Application Archive file


The file name of the WebSphere Portal Server Profile


runDeliver -portal -mode installPAA -input "Sample.paa" 
-profile "wps80.server"
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