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This section explains the process for generating WebSphere Configuration from an application archive using the BMC Middleware Automation user interface.


Only WebSphere 6.1 and later versions support generating configuration from an application archive.

  1. Select Actions > Generate WebSphere Configuration.
    The Application Configuration Wizard dialog opens.
  2. In the Application Configuration Wizard dialog, click 'Choose' to locate the application file to create an application Configuration. Ensure that you select only the files with the .ear or .war extensions.
  3. (Optional): Select the Use deploy target file check box if you want to provide several targets for a later deployment of an application Configuration.


    Starting with version, you can create a special .txt file containing deployment targets, and then use it by selecting the Use deployment target file check box. The created Configuration then contains deployment targets that were specified in the file. For more information, see sample of a deploy target file.

    If you leave the check box cleared, the system uses the default settings (NODE) that you can change on the next page of the wizard. 
    Click Next.


  4. Select the check box next to the required server profile or server profiles.
  5. (Optional): In the Deploy Target column, select CLUSTER, if you want the current Configuration to be deployed to a Cluster, instead of a Node.
  6. Click FinishThe XML Configuration file with the initially selected application information is created.

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